10 common mistakes made by UPSC aspirants during preparation

October 13, 2021

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NEW DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- These are some common mistakes that are made by UPSC candidates during preparation.

Not understanding the syllabus properly
To cover every aspect of the syllabus, candidates need to check it thoroughly. Don't depend only on study material and mock tests of any random institute instead of that, choose it from the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Be updated with the UPSC subjects and topics. Some Institutes offer Mock tests which are not upgraded with the changing pattern in the UPSC exam. So don't blindly follow these test series. The syllabus of UPSC is updated every year so follow the Latest and operated information from a genuine source.

Not taking mock test series
The IAS exam requires studying alone for hours but you should also test it otherwise there is no use in this preparation. Mock test series give you the feel of the exam environment and also help them enhance their knowledge.

Not revising the notes
Candidates need the right technique to do their best in this toughest exam. First of all, they should go through with the syllabus and after this initial the concepts in their brain. Only memorization is not enough. They will have to reproduce the concepts in the exam.
Continuous practice and multiple revisions are very helpful to inscribe the concepts. The regular revision will help to apply them in the exam.

Not following any schedule
Many candidates made this worst mistake. Time management is the most effective tool in civil service preparation, and candidates should read all the subjects and topics at prescribed times. To crack the UPSC exam in flying colors give quality study time to each subject.

Collecting a lot of books
There is no use in collecting multiple books for a single subject. It will not help you in any way. The main objective of studying is to imbibe and memorize the knowledge imparted by the books, not just to read them. The best approach is to choose a specific set of books that cover all the topics for a single subject. Don't waste your precious money on too many study materials or books. Quality is more important than quantity in the UPC exam preparation.

Reading irrelevant news
Reading new super is the most important aspect for the candidates who aspire to become an IAS IPS or IFS officer. But to read the newspaper effectively is very important so that you don't waste too much time reading the newspaper. Choose the right topics from current affairs and gather relevant information. Candidates should be smart enough while choosing the newspaper. The Hindu is known to have a standard newspaper for civil service preparation.

Not Choosing the right optional subjects
Go through a deep analysis of the syllabus before selecting your optional subjects and choose the option which is most comfortable for you. Don't choose the optional subjects which are chosen by your friend or previous year toppers. Optional subjects should be subtable for you. The subject in which you are interested and have a good hold you should choose.

Don't participate in group studies
Every candidate has their learning capacity. Many of them prefer to study alone but a constructive group for studies not only breaks your monotony but also boosts your confidence. It also helps candidates to test their preparation level and give an idea of where they stand compared to their peers. In group studies, they can share knowledge constructively and be aware of the latest information.

Don't mix things
Most of the candidates fix their target to clear the preliminary exam. Your utmost focus should be on clearing the UPSC main exam. Don't change your strategy while facing multiple failures. The level of the exam is very high so you will need to be one point and focused every time.

Not choosing a mentor
A good mentor is very helpful in your civil service preparation. They will teach you and you will remember, they will involve you and you will learn. They will help the candidates to set their goals at a higher level. Mentors not only provide the right guidance but also unparalleled insight to push them to their limits. You can choose a mentorship program from youthdestination.

Right guidance and constant motivation are very helpful to prepare better for the civil services service exam. Candidates can make their dream true by avoiding these mistakes. Be confident, do hard work, and focus on your goal. You will get success in the civil service exam

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